Lamia – Persona 5 Guide

Lamia – Persona 5 Guide

Lamia – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Lamia from Persona

Persona 5 (PS4) – Руководство по трофеям Guardian of the Pond

NOTE: I keep pronouncing the word Boile wrong. My bad, I was extremely tired and messed up. My mistake.

To earn this trophy, you will have to catch the toughest fish at the fishing spot in Ichigaya, the “Ichigaya Guardian”.

First, you need to purchase the Fishpond Spotter book at the bookstore in Central Street of Shibuya. Reading this book or accepting Ryuji’s invitation to hangout at the fishing spot will unlock the Ichigaya Map fast travel location.

You’ll want to fish and practice several times before you take on the Guardian. To fish, use the right bait necessary for the different sizes of fish, and toss the line into the water close to the fish you want to catch. After a fish bites your bait, you want to move the cursor towards the red region, and tap the X button. I found tapping the X button to be more efficient than holding the X button.

Once you have practiced enough, try to at least get the Casual Rod. Make sure to buy the Top Class Boile that costs 400 points. This is the only bait that can lure the guardian. You can buy the best rod if you want but it’s not really necessary.

I do advise buying and reading the Essence of Fishing book at the bookstore in the Red light district of Shinjuku, after fishing at least once to get the book to appear in the store. Reading the book gives you the ability to use Third Eye by pressing L1 to see which fish is the guardian. The Ichigaya Guardian is the largest fish that will be golden color in the Third Eye vision.

With the third eye ability you can see which fish also can give double points when you catch it, as it will sparkle. This helps with gathering a ton of fishing points so you can buy the Miracle Rod.
To spawn the guardian you need to catch 5-6 fish consecutively before it randomly spawns. At this point make sure to use third eye to confirm it. It’s a long fish that only goes after the Top Class Boile. The guardian does spawn more frequently in the rain, so plan you fishing days wisely.

Now trying to reel in the guardian is really tough, so I suggest luring the guardian closer to you, before letting it go for the bite. It’ll make your life a lot easier as you’ll only need to tap the X button a few times.

Throw the bait in front of the guardian, and when it gets close, pull the bait out. Keep doing this till it gets really close to you.
Be extra careful with the Top Class Boile, as it attracts all types of fish. Keep that in mind before tossing it into a crowd of fish. Also if the guardian manages to escape, it’s gone for that fishing session, so come back later and try it again.

Once you catch the guardian the trophy will unlock.


1) Getting the Fishpond Spotter Book in Central Street of Shibuya – 0:00
2) Going to Ichigaya Fishing spot to practice – 0:15
3) Getting the Essence of Fishing Book in Shinjuku – 2:00
4) More fishing practice and use of Third Eye – 2:46
5) Ichigaya Guardian encounter – 3:14

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Persona 5 (PS4) – Руководство по трофеям Golden Finger (расположение всех игр и советы по их прохождению)

To unlock this trophy you need to complete 6 different video games in game. For this trophy I suggest saving and reloading to be more efficient, you are not wasting multiple days on the same level of a game.

To begin with you need to purchase a TV and the vintage video game console, which can be bought starting late summer.

Things to buy at Second Hand Shop in Yongen-Jaya (Map point Unlocked during story):

1) TV
2) Vintage game console (Comes with the game Star Forneus which has 3 levels)
3) Gambla Goemon (game with 2 Levels)

Games to buy at The Retro Game Shop in Akihabara (unlocked by doing the Winners Don’t need Cheats Mementos Request):

1) Punch Out (3 levels)
2) Train of Life (3 levels)
3) Golfer Sarutahiko (3 levels)
4) Power Intuition (3 levels)

I strongly suggest getting the Game Secrets Book at the Shinjuku Bookstore, as reading it allows you to cheat in video games by either bypassing certain fail states, giving you more times, or giving you more retries in games. You will definitely need this for Power Intuition Level 3! The book only becomes available after you have played a video game at least once.

Star Forneus:

The game requires you to tap the X button a specific amount of times before the timer runs out. It’s a very simple game and all 3 levels are the same, with a slight difference being that you might have to press X more times as you get to higher levels, and there is less time to work with.

Punch Out:

This game requires you to tap buttons on the D-pad in a specific sequence and press X in the end to complete the sequence before time runs out. After getting the sequence right you need to tap X several times with a timer.

Level 1 has two rounds:

Round 1 – The sequence is:
Left, Right, Left, Right, X
Right after that you have tap X a few times.

Round 2 is the same as Round 1

Level 2 is the same as Level 1 but with less time on the timer

Level 3 has 3 Rounds:

Both Round 1 and Round 2 have the same sequence:
Up, Up, X

Round 3 – The sequence is long:
Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, X.

Train of Life:

In this game, each level requires you to roll a dice and achieve specific numbers to pass. The number is the addition of the numbers on both dice that was rolled. This is a little luck based, and might require a few tries to complete.

Level 1 – need 8 or higher.
Level 2 – need 3, 5, 7, and 9.
Level 3 – need 4, 8, and 12

Gambla Goemon:

There are only two levels in this game, and the goal is to roll the dice and guess if the sum of numbers is even or odd.

Golfer Sarutahiko:

To complete this game you need to press X at the right moment when the cursor is close to the red line of the meter. You only get a few shots each level, so make sure to press X close to the red marker to succeed. There are 3 levels in the game but each level plays out exactly the same.

Power Intuition:

This is the most annoying game due to the final level. Both level 1 and 2 keep it simple, and level 3 just goes over 9000 suddenly.

Think of this game as a fighting game and each level you’ll have to do quarter circle motions on your d-pad and then press X to finish the sequence. The last round requires you to do a half circle motion, press right, and then X to finish it off.

Level 3 will be a platinum breaker for many, and can be frustrating at times.

Level 1 Sequence (will use navigation directions for controller buttons):

South, South East, East, X

Level 2 Sequence:

Round 1: South, South East, East, X
Round 2: South, South West, West, X

Level 3 Sequence (Really tough):

Round 1: South, South East, East, X
Round 2: South, South West, West, X
Round 3: East, South East, South, South West, West, East, X

The problem with this game is that unlike fighting games you’re restricted to the d-pad, whereas the inclusion of the left analog stick would have made it easier.

Also there are many moments where your button input gets dropped. This game will require a few tries to complete, so make sure to reload your save if necessary.

After completing all 6 games the trophy will unlock when you complete the last game.


1) Buying games at Second Hand Shop in Yongen-Jaya – 0:00
2) Buying games at the Retro Game Shop in Akihabara – 0:21
3) Playing Star Forneus – 0:48
4) Getting the Game Secrets Book at Shinjuku Bookstore – 1:40
5) Finishing Star Forneus Level 3 – 2:08
6) Punch Out Level 1 – 2:58
7) Punch Out Level 2 – 3:55
8) Punch Out level 3 – 4:14
9) Train of Life Level 1 – 5:20
10) Train of Life Level 2 – 6:52
11) Train of Life Level 3 – 7:56
12) Gambla Goemon Level 1 – 8:58
13) Gambla Goemon Level 2 – 10:34
14) Golfer Sarutahiko Level 3 – 11:35
15) Power Intuition Level 1 – 12:52
16) Power Intuition Level 2 – 13:45
17) Power Intuition Level 3 – 14:02

Hope this helps, and stay tuned for more!

Руководство по слиянию Strength Confidant для Persona 5 Royal

Recipe w/ timestamps:
(00:56) 1. Arsene + Agathion = Succubus
Succubs + Pixie = Cait Sith
Cait Sith + Regent = Jack Frost w/ Mabufu

(01:18) 2. Pixie + Cait Sith = Incubus
Incubus + Jack-o’-Lantern = Berith
Incubus + Berith = Hua Po
Hua Po + Berith = Suzaku
Berith + Suzaku = Ame no Uzume w/ Frei

(01:45) 3. Berith + Regent = Orobas
Arsene + Suzaku = Angel
Jack-o’-Lantern + Angel = Eligor
Berith + Orobas + Eligor = Flauros w/ Tarukaja

(02:15) 4. Hua Po + Jack-o’-Lantern = Yaksini
Arsene + Angel = Kodama
Kodama + Flauros = Oni
Yaksini + Oni = Phoenix w/ Counter

(02:40) 5. Jack-o’-Lantern + Agathion = Silky
Suzaku + Kaguya Picaro = Lamia
Silky + Lamia = Setanta w/ Rakuka ja

(02:59) 6. Regent + Agathion = Slime
Slime + Oni = Sudama
Flauros + Ariadne = Anzu
Sudama + Kodama + Anzu = Neko Shogun w/ Dekaja

(03:22) 7. Ariadne + Jack Frost = Principality
Principality + Ariadne Picaro = Thoth
Thoth + Anzu = Lachesis w/ Tetraja

(03:42) 8. Hua Po + Thoth = Andras
Andras + Anzu = Hecathoncheires w/ Masukunda

(03:56) 9. Izanagi Picaro + Oni = Pisaca
Eligor + Izanagi = Jikokuten
Jikokuten + Ariadne = Hariti w/ Samarecarm at level 41
Pixie + Pisaca + Hariti = Bugs

(04:31) 10. Kaguya Picaro + Asterius Picaro = Horus
Jack Frost + Kodama = Isis
Pixie + Angel = Anubis
Thoth + Horus + Isis + Anubis = Seth w/ High Counter

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All gameplay is recorded by me.

Music credits belong to Shoji Meguro and ACE!
Blues in Velvet Room – Persona 3 OST
Aria of the Soul (New Arrangement) – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate OST
No More What Ifs – Persona 5 Royal OST

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